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clay_horse's Journal

11 September
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Hi! I just recently started a hobby of making horse and unicorn magnets out of polymer clay. They are 4 Sale!
The Process...
1 ~ Sculpt
2 ~ Bake
3 ~ Paint
4 ~ glaze
5 ~ Decorate
6 ~ Post 4 Sale

Each one, using all these steps takes about a total of 4 hours to make. I put alot of time and money into them to make them unique. No two are exactly the same. I use only good quality materials and dont skimp on anything. They are made with sculpey polymer clay and painted with acrylic paint. Then they are glazed with sculpey air dry glaze. Then i decorate them using ribbon, craft cord, and rhinestones, and whatever else i think would look nice. In the future I may make other animals, so be sure to check back often. These make great gifts for horse lovers. They are bright and shiney and beautiful.

CUSTOM HORSE MAGNETS ~ I will also make custom horse magnets for those who want them. I will just need to see one side of your horse and the front from the neck up. Most customs will be approximately 7 dollars.

PRICES VARY ~ Prices very on items I put up for sale depending on size and/or detail.

FIRST COME FIRST SERVE/SOLD ITEMS ~ The items I list in this journal are first come first serve due to the fact that I cant make a complete 100% reproduction. If you like an item that has already been sold, let me know and I can make you one very similar, just ask.

SHIPPING AND HANDELING ~ My shipping might be slightly high, remember these are made out of clay, the ears, mane, and unicorn horns are delicate and must be packed carefully. I will ship USPS - Priority Mail or Parcel Post, its your choice. Parcel post will be about 4.25 and priority mail will be about 5.25.

I ACCEPT ~ Money Orders only at this time, I will offer paypal as soon as I learn how to use it. I only know how to use it on ebay as of right now!

RETURN POLICY ~ I will only except returns for damaged(in shipping) items and they must be returned to me within 14 days. I will then make you another magnet similer to the one you ordered. No two are alike so it is impossable to send you a 100% reproduction, but I will be able to make it pretty close.

EBAY ~ I may list some as auctions on Ebay at a lower starting bid of about 3-5 dollars. When I do that I will post a link on this journal so that you may bid and possably win a beautiful magnet for alot less that what I normally sell them. The shipping price will still be the same.

CONTACT ME ~ For more info or questions, you may email me at hpotternut.com or simply post a comment.

ABOUT ME: My name is Kristina
Age ~ 28
Pets ~ Quarter Horse gelding(Shadow) Haflinger gelding(Samson) Pony mare(Nina) and her son, a pony gelding(Tommyboy). I have two cats ~ Xena and Xander and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi ~ Zane. And I can't forget Otto the Betta Fish.

Location ~ Pennsylvania ~ I lived here all my life

Favorite Interests ~ Horses, Cats, Sculpting, Art, The Internet

Favorite Color ~ Its tied between Green and Orange and my favorite color combination is Red and Black

My Personality ~ Honest, Caring, Sometimes Tempermentle, Friendly, Shy(Social Anxiety Disorder), Loyal, and Funny


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